Day 16 of a 40 day Sadhana

Posted by Nisey on March 5, 2015 in Blog |No Comments

Part of being a kundalini yogini is to experience a 40 day sadhana.

We are taught to practice a particular kriya every day for 40 straight days. This will break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through the kriya or mantra.

After module 1 I did the kriya for elimination for 40 days. I chose this kriya for 2 reasons, firstly I’ve always had a sluggish digestive system and secondly, it was really, really tough. I am known for my follow through and I really wanted to pick a kriya that would push me to my personal physical limits and force me to push through for 40 days.

It certainly did those things and I found myself challenged anew each and every single day. It wasn’t easy to wake up early each morning at 5am and head up to my studio to spend a good 45 min doing this very, very challenging set. I also set myself the challenge of doing Ishnaan each morning (a cold shower but more of that in a separate post). I did it. Each morning I woke up and did the set. The first thing I noticed was the physical aspect.

My digestive system woke up. My buttocks firmed up. My skin cleared up.

What I hadn’t foreseen was the amazing effect this practice began to have on my psyche. I felt alive. Infinite. Ready for anything. It was as if the commitment I made to my practice became the very first promise I kept for myself. Something completely selfish, that had no positive effects for anyone else. The only person benefiting from this practice was me. In the past I have been quick to quit when there was no one to urge me on. When no one else depended on the results I could easily throw the towel in, but not this time.

I felt like the biggest elimination as in fact mental and emotional. I allowed all the negative thoughts and patterns to leave.

I went through ups and downs and back and forths and yet somehow each time I found myself back on my mat ready to do it again. And again. And again. What an amazing feeling to commit to something for myself. At the end of the 40 days I had a moment of sadness thinking that it was all over and I would now go back to my old ways but I didn’t. I started a new kriya, the kriya for removal of body blocks. I didn’t commit to 40 days for this kriya because I knew that it was heading towards christmas and we’d be away for a few weeks but I did it for about 20 days. I would highly recommend this kriya for anyone who feels the need to bring some light into their lives. It is such a fun and uplifting kriya to do.

After module 2 which ended a few weeks ago I invited my students to join me in my next 40 day Sadhana. I was surprised by how many decided to join and 16 days ago we began the kriya for state of mind and paranoia. I chose this kriya again because it is a challenging set and it works heavily on the pituatry gland and navel centre. We are now about 9 people on a whatsapp group who check in each day to encourage each other on the journey. I practice at 5am each morning in my studio and whoever is able to join comes along.

It is a very different experience leading the sadhana as opposed to doing it on my own. It is certainly easier doing it with a group energy and I feel lifted by the group and eager each morning to continue. On the days that I do it on my own I am reminded that I am committed to myself, my growth.

This is my practice, my discipline.


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