State of mind and the pituitary gland

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What exactly is the pituitary gland? Where can we find it and why do we care?

The pituitary gland is known as the master gland and it works with the hypothalamus to regulate  secretion of the thyroid, adrenal and reproductive glands. This gland is responsible for the secretion and production of hormones that influence blood pressure, contraction of the uterus, ovulation, bone maturation and growth as well as use of fat reserves.

It can be said then that the pituitary is key in how our bodies function and how we feel emotionally and physically. Feelings of connectedness, social bonding and even the feeling of bonding during sex.

It really is a hugely important gland and one can see how important it is and why it is such a massive part of this kriya for state of mind and paranoia.

Physically this gland is located in the centre of the brain just below the hypothalamus. The easiest way to stimulate it is by closing the eyes and rolling them inwards and upwards towards your brow point or third eye. The eyes have tendons that are directly linked to the pituitary gland and this motion then stimulates the gland. Such a simple yet effective way to activate this vital gland in our bodies.

The pituitary gland forms part of the endocrine system which is the guardian of our health and along with the other glands in this system allows us to function optimally when it is properly cared for.

The pituitary gland takes its orders from the pineal gland, a golden thread is formed during meditative practice which allows communication between these two glands. When one does not engage in meditative activities the pituitary takes its orders from other stimulants such as drugs and alcohol or other addictive behaviours which has an adverse affect on the glands. By paying special attention the optimal functioning of these glands through stimulation and meditation one is able to conquer addictive behaviours and set new healthy patterns.

Chronic stress and exposure to pesticides that mimic hormones can also have a detrimental effect on the functioning of this system. Foods that are good for enhancing the endocrine system are onions, garlic and ginger, so go ahead and whip up a delicious, tasty veggie curry and enjoy it even more knowing that you are stimulating your pituitary gland and endocrine system.

Sat Nam


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