Protection, Projection, Integrity – secrets of the sixth body

Sat Nam yogis!

Continuing with the benefits of the kriya for state of mind and paranoia we look at the sixth body. Yogi Bhajan describes how we are made up of not one body but in fact 10 bodies representing the different aspects of self.

The sixth body is linked to the pituitary gland and is a large focus of this kriya.

This body is also known as the arcline and is represented by a halo which runs from ear to ear, the nucleus of your aura. Women have an additional arcline which runs from nipple to nipple. The arcline is said to represent your protection, projection and justice. This is the balance point between the physical realm and the cosmic realm known as Miri-Piri in Sikh Dharma.

Protection is your intuition. The subtle messages that we receive that provide protection to us from external aspects. When your arcline is strong your intuition is strong and we receive and respond accordingly to the messages. When your arcline is weak you are unable or unwilling to listen to your intuition. You may be overprotective and easily influenced and you may find yourself with glandular imbalances. Since the arcline is associated with the pituitary gland it regulates the nervous system and glandular system and it therefore makes sense that a weak arcline will have this effect.

However, when your arcline is strong your radiance shines through. In kundalini the words radiance and grace are thrown around a lot because Yogi Bhajan drove each and every yogi to keep up, be the best that they could to enable that radiance and grace to shine through. When your intuition is strong you protect yourself and find that you are able to deal with the ups and downs of life whilst maintaining an open heart.

If we look at projection it is what you send out into the world. How does the world see you. What message are you sending. When we look at this from the perspective of the sixth body we ask the questions: am I able to manifest my goals and am I doing so with integrity?

When you have a strong arcline you act from a space of integrity, authenticity. When you operate from this realm you are able to manifest your goals because the message you are projecting is in line with the life you are living. Your self-esteem is also affected by your integrity because it is difficult to have a strong self esteem when you do not have a strong sense of self.

The way to strengthen the sixth body is to strengthen the pituitary gland and we see how this kriya is able to do that because so much of the kriya is focused on the third eye, directly stimulating the pituitary.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you’ve felt any changes linked to the sixth body doing this kriya or any other kriyas for that matter? For me personally I have found myself to be a lot more introspective and thinking about my authenticity, how do I project and am I living in GRACE. I love this kriya and the insights it is giving me into who I am.

Sat Nam yogis xxx


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