Nearing the end of a 40 day kriya

There is something almost bittersweet about nearing the end of a long journey.

You’ve finally made friends with the kriya physically and your body no longer aches with the strain and effort. You’ve been through the ups and downs and finally the emotions are settling into a space that you can understand and learn from.

We know that there are only 4 more sessions to go and then we’re done. Relief? Anxiety? Fear? Excitement? Everyone will experience something different but one thing we all know is that the alarm in our internal clocks will most likely go off at 0430 and we’ll wake in our beds and wander what to do with ourselves at this very, very early start. Yogi Bhajan says:

“Now what is this sadhana? Sadhana is a test of self-grit. Nobody – it doesn’t matter how saintly you are or how good a practitioner you are – nobody wants to get up at the ambrosial hour; take it as granted from me….

Nobody wants to get up between 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock – nobody. Because we want to be relaxed in our life, we want to be comfortable, and that is a very comfortable time when the Sun’s rays hit the planet at longitude and latitude of sixty degrees…

Sadhana gives you aim, absolute mental stamina; physical stamina is okay, but everybody who needs physical stamina needs mental stamina; without that there is no chance for life to be smooth, to be happy, to be successful, to be enjoying, to be fulfilling.”

For me this has been the barrier that I’ve broken through, I have come to love my morning ritual. Wake at 5 o’clock, put the kettle on, cold shower, dress, headscarf, prepare the tea, lead sadhana and then enjoy a cup of tea with the yogis.

This ritual every morning for the past 36 days has carried me through some turbulent days, the kriya has raised some serious issues that I have been avoiding and the regular practice and ritual has been my saving grace.

It is my intention to continue my daily sadhana at 5 o’clock each morning even on the days when I am not leading a class because it is in this commitment to myself that I am able to fill my cup and be the best mom, wife and employee that I can be.

So for the next four days I will observe and cherish my practice as this 40 day sadhana draws to a close.

Sat Nam


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