A look at our mental bodies

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Most of us consider ourselves as consisting of one body – the physical body. In yoga we identify with ten bodies – the physical body, three mental bodies and 6 energy bodies.

They look like this:
1st body – Soul Body
2nd body – Negative mind
3rd body – Positive mind
4th body – Neutral mind
5th body – Physical body
6th body – Arcline
7th body – Aura
8th body – Pranic body
9th body – Subtle body
10th body – Radiant body

Each of the bodies have gifts which manifest when they are strong and when they are weak deficiencies are manifested. Today we are going to look at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th bodies. The mental bodies.

We hear so much about the power of the mind and positive thinking but do we really understand how it works? Why is it that I am so positive yet I find myself in negative situations that I could not possibly have foreseen? In recent media the trend is towards positive thinking. You must be positive, use positive affirmations, look at the silver lining.

It is impossible to be positive all the time and its also not particularly beneficial. In order for the mental bodies to function optimally we need to balance each of the bodies.

2nd body – Negative Mind
The often misunderstood negative mind or 2nd body is actually really important to our functioning. This is your port of call for danger, the negative mind always says no because its job is to protect and preserve us. This body is also associated with our need to belong and gives us the gifts of containment and discernment when it is in balance.

When this body is overdeveloped our focus is on the negative only able to see the downside. We become full of anxiety and fear and self-doubt. If the negative mind is underdeveloped it can lead you to situations whereby you may expose yourself to danger.

The key to balancing the 2nd body is to value your discipline, develop conscious relationships of integrity and strengthen the positive mind.

3rd body – Positive Mind
The positive mind gets all the good press. The positive body allows you to find the good in every situation, it opens you up and allows people in. It gives you a strong will and allows you to easily access your personal power and makes you naturally playful and optimistic.

When the positive mind is strong you have a great sense of humour and you will find yourself feeling blissful and joyful. You feel as if you can take on the world. This body is linked to the naval centre and as such will encourage you to be action oriented and able to get things done.

When this mind is weak it becomes overwhelmed by the negativity of the 2nd body and you will find yourself feeling depressed, sluggish or overweight.

The key to balancing the positive mind is to strengthen naval point, increase your self-esteem and use positive affirmations

4th body – Neutral mind
The neutral mind can also be referred to as the meditative mind. The gift of this body are attributes such as compassion, service and balance. The neutral mind works by evaluating the messages received from the positive and negative minds and within 9 seconds giving you guidance. The neutral mind is intuitive and gives you access to your soul.

Balancing the 2nd and 3rd bodies is crucial to allowing the neutral mind to make decisions in your best interests.

If the neutral mind is not balanced you may struggle to make decisions and you may find yourself feeling victimised because you are unable to integrate your experiences and find meaning in them.

When this body is balanced you are given the ability of being able to see the gift in every challenge.

The key to balancing the neutral mind is meditation

What becomes clear when one looks at the mental bodies is that it is impossible for one to function optimally without the other two being in balance. Negative isn’t necessarily bad and positive isn’t necessarily good. Our aim and our focus is function from a space of neutrality.

We don’t want to subject ourselves to the highs and lows the ups and downs that we feel we must endure. It is our aim as yogis to live from the heart, from the space of neutrality where we are able to assess the information received from the negative and positive minds and work with that information in such a way that we avoid the ‘drama’.

A little analogy to end
I see a snake
My negative mind says: run, hide, it will poison you, you will die.
My positive mind says: look at those beautiful markings, that snake is one of God’s amazing creatures it would never harm you
My neutral mind says: in 9 seconds I have assessed the danger and we should remain still and wait for it to move away

The interconnectedness of the mental bodies

Once again my information was sourced from my kundalini training manual, the interwebs, personal experience and a special mention to Spirit Voyage and 3HO.com for their informative and interesting articles.

Wishing you good mental health,

Sat Nam xxx


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