on this day…

38 years ago I began this lifetime.

It seems a funny thing to say but I love that I entered the world in the Southern Hemisphere in September. Spring is upon us, the promise of new life undeniable. Each year as I awaken on the day of my birth I am guaranteed a symphony of green and surely whoever denies the existence of miracles need only look outside the window in early Spring and the plethora of green is a reminder that each and every day is a miracle in and of itself.

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions but somehow this year seems more poignant than before. A new beginning awaits. My 37th year was the year I transitioned from Sivananda Yoga (which I love and adore still) to the more spiritual Kundalini Yoga. My 37th year was a year of learning, changing mindsets and breaking old patterns. I can’t help but feel excitement at the prospects of what will unfold in my 38th year.

Already the opportunities have presented themselves and the wheels are in motion for new and challenging ventures.

I awoke early this morning as usual and headed up to my studio for my morning meditation and I was overcome by a deep sense of the need to change how I think about myself. An enormous amount of time has been spent focussing on fixing my flaws. I analyse myself as a wife, a mother and even a teacher constantly, I see the errors in my ways and I vow to be better. This morning I realised as I paused between breaths, that I am enough. Now. Exactly as I am. I decided to dedicate my 38th year to focussing on the aspects of self that I’m good at, acknowledging my strengths and building on them while accepting my flaws without judgement.

I was gifted this affirmation  today by a very special lady:

I surrender to what will be and I am disciplined, grounded and focussed.

Such beautiful and strong words to guide me through my 38th year! In addition I am on day 14 of a 40 day Sadhana for restoring my personal power – but more of that in another post.

So here I go, stepping lightly and freely into the unknown of my 38th year, surrendering to what will be whilst remaining disciplined, grounded and focussed.

And I end this post with a gift for you dear reader, the voice of an angel, Snatam singing the Kundalini Birthday song – on this day xxx

On this day the Lord gave you life

May you use it to serve him

All of our loving prayers will be with you 

May you never forget him


Sat Nam xxx


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