Going natural

One of the hardest things to let go of on the yogic path for me has been my beauty products! As far back as I can remember I’ve used fancy, expensive, endorsed by celebrity products.

I started on the Yardley oatmeal range, perfect for teenage skin, and graduated to Estee Lauder after I finished school. Over the years I’ve dabbled in Clarins, Clinique, Dr Hauschka (organic and beautiful) gone back to Estee Lauder, dabbled in others, gone back to Estee Lauder and so on and so on.

I know about parabens and all the other gunk is bad for you but Liz Hurley looks so amazing with her Lauder products that they couldn’t possibly be that bad? Could they? So on I went. Then about 6 months ago something happened. My skin started to look grey and dull and dry. So I switched back to Clarins and it continued to look awful. So I switched back to Lauder… and it continued to look awful.

It then dawned on me that I use Almond Oil on my entire body every morning after my ishnaan (cold shower) and my body looks great. Not a dry spot to be seen. I’d also noticed that since using almond oil on my body when I borrowed someone elses hand lotion with parabens in it my hands would immediately become dry and chapped. With this bud of an idea I googled almond oil for the face and discovered that it is perfect for dry skin.

I took a deep breath, pushed my Clarins and Lauder products to the back of my shelf and embarked on the path of oil. It was frightening at first – the thought of not using Liz Hurley’s night cream, advanced night repair, toner, daily moisturiser, primer etc. What would I do with the extra time in my day for one thing!

Within a week I saw a massive difference and the dry patches on my face began to disappear. I was sold. Here is a really inexpensive product that is actually better than anything else I was using. I referred to my ‘bible’ The fragrant pharmacy, and I saw that a good toner for dry skin is rose water.

My new regime looks like this:

Almond oil cleanse – massage the oil into the skin loosening the make up, use luke warm water and a face cloth to wipe the make up from the skin.

Rose water – spray onto face as a toner

Almond oil – massage into skin as moisturiser

From time to time I use apple cider vinegar for a scrub/toner effect. My skin is quite sensitive so I only use this every 2 weeks or so to eliminate dead cells.

This super simple regime is my first foray into the natural skin care regime and so far it is working wonders for me. I am loving the results and it feels good to know that I am no longer corrupting my endocrine system with all the chemicals.

The best part however is simply that when I travel my toiletry bag is so much lighter!

Take the plunge – google your skin type and see if you can find a simple, effective way to remove the nasties from your daily beauty regime!


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