letting go of labels

We are given labels that are divisive and destructive.

From the moment I was born I was labeled as a girl I and was taught to discriminate against those who are not like me. Boys are different to girls. White is different to black. Sexism, religion, racism, patriotism all of it serves to divide the human race and is bred in us from birth.

In light of the recent terrorism in Paris it is challenging right now not to judge the ‘fanatics’ the ‘terrorists’ who are out to get us and destroy life as we know it. The media is really good with labels – there are the victims and the pacifists and the terrorists and the governments and the enemies and the allies and the commentators have a field day sensationalizing these atrocities.

Yet when I take a step back and look at life from a yogic perspective it becomes clear that I cannot have enemies or allies or pacifists or terrorists because when I remove the labeIs, I am.

I am

I am

I am

When I drop the labels that society has thrust upon me from my first breath and the labels that I have given myself in the space between, all that is left is – I am.

And if you were to do the same and forego the labels you too would end up at – I am.

We are all the same. We are all human, we all originate from the same place and we all go back again. The drama that we create in between is all conceived in our minds. It is without substance and without form. When a child is born and the doctor holds up the baby and declares that a healthy human has entered the world, a child that is not labeled at birth, a child that is not raised to judge someone who has a different story, only then will that child grow up in a world without war. A world without judgement.

In the meantime all we can do is to follow the teachings of Gandhi and be the change you want to see. Don’t get caught up in the labeling of these horrific events. Don’t get angry with the ‘terrorists’ or the ‘politicians’ or even the ‘media’. Make the changes with your children, make the changes with your friends, make the changes within your family. Most importantly make the changes within yourself.

Next time something of this magnitude rocks the world remember – I am. As is your neighbour and every person on this planet. At the core we are all the same person.

Feel compassion for those who must suffer but do not allow hate to harden your heart, even in the harshest of circumstances do not allow hate to harden your heart.

When you choose love over labels you make the world a better place.




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