Hello 2016!

Today I arrive home from a wonderful 3 week holiday of sun, sea, sand, mountains, dams, friends and family. It was relaxing, fun and inspiring. This morning we awoke early packed the car and began the 6 hour journey home.

As I jumped into the passenger seat my belly squirmed with excitement. It was home time. A new year, new challenges and back to reality. Only reality is something that I love right now. My family, my home, my dogs and cats, my own bed, my study, my studio and all the things I love form part of my reality.

As we sped along the highway driving through this beautiful country I get to call home it occurred to me that I am undoubtably on the right path because the excitement of going back to reality equals the excitement I felt leaving for my holiday 3 weeks ago.

I took a moment to breathe in that feeling of gratitude for a reality I look forward to rather than one I try to escape from.

Isn’t that what it’s really about? Creating a life that you don’t need to escape from? A life that you look forward to, a life that satisfies your passions and excites you.

A life that you run towards and not from.

2016 is but a day or two old and there is no knowing what she holds in store for me or for you but one thing is certain, I look forward to every single challenge, achievement and failure.

This is my only life and I choose to love it!



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