Be With Your Soul


Where do you find your inspiration? How do you feed your curiosity and keep your mind churning? There are as many ways of being inspired as there are people on this beautiful planet of ours.

I find my inspiration everywhere. In a conversation with a friend. Parenting my child. My Facebook feed (and of course instagram). Books, nature, food, sunshine, rain all of it inspires me!

Today as I was trawling through my (mostly junkmail) in my inbox I came across this quote from my dear Yogi Bhajan.

You always need something for growth, some elevation:

Something should be given to meditation, some grace should be left for devotion; some human integrity should be in your language; and as a human, I ask of you one thing: leave some time in your life to be with your soul.

Doesn’t that inspire you? Inspire you to find some time in your life to be with your soul?

In this crazy age of busy-ness where the constant need to keep going and multi-tasking is revered taking out time to be with your soul is akin to swearing, loudly, in church! If you don’t answer the question ‘how are you’ with I’m so busy then you must be lazy or slacking or worse.

Spending time with your soul is different to spending time alone. Alone time is wonderful and necessary but alone time can be catching up on your favourite series. Alone time can be a bubble bath with a glass of wine and some bubble bath. Alone time can be reading in your garden. All of these activities are wonderful ways to spend time with you but they are not connecting with yourself on a deeper level.

You were probably taught not to connect with yourself from tiny. Our parents (I’m guilt of this with Jaden myself!) told us how we should feel (don’t cry), when we should eat (you won’t leave the table until your dinner is finished), where to go and when to go and how to behave. We begin to rely on the outside stimuli as a measure of what’s appropriate instead of listening to the voice within.

How often have you said after the fact: I knew I shouldn’t have gone there/done that/said that. After the fact you remember the voice inside – your soul – warned you but you shut the voice out.

The only way to reconnect with your voice is to leave some time in your life to be with your soul. Its your responsibility to stop seeking the answers from outside. The answers lie within. If you only listen.

The world becomes a kinder, more loving, forgiving and open place when you open your heart to the voice within. When you make space for your soul to speak you begin to live your truth. The real you begins to shine. You begin to feel lighter, happier and more in control than you ever have before.

So make some space in your day to be with your soul. Start small. Commit to 1 min per day for a week. Then increase it to 2 minutes and continue to increase it until you are committed to 10 minutes everyday to spend in absolute stillness and complete silence with yourself. Watch your thoughts for that minute, without attachment. It is impossible to stop thinking so don’t fight your thoughts, go with them. Watch them, observe them as if your were a spectator. A simple way of quieting the mind is to repeat silently to yourself INHALE 2 3 EXHALE 2 3 until all thoughts of shopping, work, dinner, kids and school begin to fade. As soon as you start engaging the mind you are off track, simply observe. Set a timer so that you don’t keep checking your watch and give it a go!

You will find that eventually you will crave that time with yourself and you will begin to follow your instincts – your soul will speak to you – and your life will change in ways you couldn’t imagine. So do it today. Sit in stillness, quiet and just be with your soul.



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