Setting the Intention



As 2015 drew to an end I posted this on my Facebook page:

2016 Is the year of the self!

I will be kind to myself,

the rest will follow.

I will be honest with myself,

the payoff is integrity.

I will be curious,

the path will reveal itself.

It was something that came to mind as we drove through the stark and beautiful landscape of the drought stricken Free State. As so often happens with these things I never thought of it again until today.

2016 has started with a bang. I have been kind to myself by doing a 7 day cleanse and giving my digestive system and organs a little break. What has followed is renewed energy and vitality and a zest for life that I hadn’t realised was missing.

I have been honest with myself. Honest about where I am headed with my career, what I can do as a wife and mother, how I can interact with my friends and extended family and what it is that I really, really want. The payoff has astounding, each time I am honest about what I can and can’t do a door has opened and opportunities have presented themselves.

I have been curious. I have explored options that never occurred to me before, I have researched new topics and followed new ideas. I have drawn on resources that have always been there but that I’ve been too afraid to make use of and slowly, step by tiny step the path is revealing itself.

The past 2 weeks that have been 2016 have reminded me that when we set an intention the universe conspires to support us. How often have you said something silly like I’d love to do xyz and miraculously a few days later xyz is revealed to you.

What did you do? Did you grab the opportunity and jump at the chance to realise your dream? Did you fob it off as a coincidence and think what a shame that the time isn’t right? Maybe next time I’ll do it? 

How about if 2016 was the year that you did it. You know that thing? That thing that you asked for? Imagine it is in front of you right now, are you going to leap head first into it or are you going to wait for the next time?

Do it. Set the intention. Move in the direction of your dreams and make 2016 the year of you.


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