Sisterhood of Souls

What do you call a group of women? According to the Oxford dictionary its a bevy of ladies… I’m inclined to disagree! It’s a tribe. Undoubtably… you can be in a tribe of 2 or 20 and sometimes the women in your tribe will never have met each other but it makes them no less part of your tribe.

I admire strong, independant confident women. Sometimes I am one, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes my hand is held by one and sometimes I’m the one holding the hand. Women have created a space within themselves to support and encourage each other and this strength that we draw from each other makes us stronger, more successful and our indomitable spirit shines through.

The past few months my tribe have rallied, supported, encouraged, shared their skills and enthusiasm and driven me to push myself beyond limits that I wasn’t even aware of. They have held and supported me when otherwise I would have crumbled. Lifted me to heights that I couldn’t have imagined and celebrated my successes.

It’s all too easy to take these amazing women for granted, to gloss over the fact that without your tribe you wouldn’t be where you are in this moment. Never underestimate the power of your tribe and most importantly never take them for granted. Appreciate every moment they share with you!

I am grateful to each of you. For your encouragement, support, harsh truths and most of all friendship. Being there to bounce ideas off, tell me when I’m wrong and cheer me when I’m on the right path.

Dear Ladies, embrace your tribe, hold them in esteem, realise how big a part they play in your life and be there to reciprocate when the tribe needs you!



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  1. Danielle says:

    What a blog!! I’m going to share this as far and as wide as I can!

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