How do you know your Mom’s a Yogini?

Yesterday while out and about with Jaden (all of almost 8 years old) we heard an older women talking about how she can’t reach her toes. My boy turned to her and said (unprompted) you should do yoga, it makes you flexible. With that he casually continued on his way!

His casual attitude to yoga got me thinking about what it must be like to have a Yogini for a mum!

So how DO you know your Mom’s a yogini?

  1. You know that yoga makes you flexible
  2. You’ve seen your mum meditating on a pillow in a hotel room/on the beach/at the poolside and even sometimes in a studio
  3. You get dropped at school by a turban clad eccentricity wearing only white robes
  4. You don’t notice your Mom wears a turban
  5. You’ve slept on a yoga mat. During a yoga class at 5am. More than once
  6. Your bedtime lullaby is – may the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on. Sat Nam
  7. Tree pose is cool
  8. You automatically start doing yoga in the swimming pool yelling “look mom, I’m doing yoga”
  9. You believe that dust particles in a shaft of light are angels. Your mom doesn’t disagree
  10. You’ve been caught on camera meditating in the front seat of the car
  11. And omming on a pool cushion
  12. You know when yoga class is about to end and you join in for tea and date balls
  13. You know about karma
  14. You know not to interrupt during meditation

This was a fun excercise for me because Jaden won’t ‘do’ yoga with me. The more I try to ‘do’ yoga with him the more he resists, but I think it brings home the point that yoga isn’t asana.

Yoga is a lifestyle. A way of being. I don’t always live up to the ideal yogi image and but I do my best and it seems that through a gentle osmosis this little guy is absorbing yoga.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my heart swelled with pride yesterday. And he’s right you should do yoga, it does make you flexible!

Sat Nam Lovely people x


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