Seeking the space between

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The space between exists in every moment. It is the gentle pause between breaths, where for that moment our existence becomes real. Is there another breath? Was that my last breath? In that moment you are faced with your immortality and your infinity as one and the same thing.

Take a deep breath in, now hold that breath in. Keep holding it in until you can’t any longer and then gently with control release the breath.

That suspension of the breath is the easiest way to reach shuniya – that space within which time and space are suspended. That space in which we connect with ourselves on the deepest possible level. The space between.

Think of the greatest orators – listen to their greatest speeches. The most memorable moments are not in the words, it is in the delivery, it is in knowing when to pause. It is in the space between. The pause allows the audience to hear. To stop listening and to really, really hear what was said.

The best authors always leave a little room for your imagination. The space between the story gives you room to create your own micro story. Think of Harry Potter and how JK Rowling leaks little tidbits of information after the fact, little bits that do not appear in the story. Those are spaces between.

On the mat, the best classes have Savasana between postures. Why? It is the space between, that is where the magic happens. Pausing between postures and allowing your mind to follow your breath creates space in which the body actually heals.

In business, how often is it as you finally wind down and stop pursuing a solution that the answer appears? That is the space between.

In art it is so often what does not appear that appeals to a wide audience as we each interpret it in our own way. That is the space between.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to connect with that space as we are constantly bombarded with technology, smart phones in our pockets all the time, constant connection. When last did you experience the space between whilst waiting in line to pay? Now as you look at the queue heads are bent over and thumbs are busy on the phones. This used to be the space between but now that has been lost.

Nature teaches us the importance of the space between, the space between sowing the seed and the sprouting of the first shoot. It seems as though nothing is happening and yet life is being created. Spring is the space between winter and summer. That is where the magic happens.

You need to start creating space between. Put down your phone. Take up a hobby – hobbys create space between the work, eat, sleep cycle. Knit, colour in, draw, play golf, swim, go for a walk even collect stamps. Do something, do nothing!

When last did you actually do nothing? When last did you lie down in the middle of the day without your phone, without your book, without the TV? Watching the changing clouds disappearing overhead, feeling the cool breeze against your skin, listening the crickets in the grass?

Those moments that you give yourself permission to shut down. Those moments of doing nothing… that is the space between. Do it. Make space between.

That is where the magic happens!





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