The Divine Feminine

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Today is women’s day.

Let me be honest, this is not a day that I celebrate. Particularly since we live in a country that has a Minister of Women, children and people with disabilities….

Seriously, which misogynistic so and so decided to clump women, children and people with disabilities under the same umbrella? I’ve ranted from my soapbox on this topic a number of times – mostly in the privacy of my living room with my dear husband’s unwavering attention (not true, he long ago learned to block out the sound of my ranting about the dear minister of women, children and disabilities).

I don’t think that women need a day in their honour, I think that women are strong, brave, resilient, nurturing, emotional and a host of other things, just like men. The brave women of the 20th century fought for our right to vote, to work, to earn a fair wage, not for us to have 8 March declared women’s day?

However, it is women’s day – for all that it entails, and it got me thinking, what does it mean to be a woman?

  1. Women create life

Well some women do. Granted, most women do. I didn’t create life but I am creating a life through adoptions. I know women who have chosen not to create life – in any way. Yet they support and carry other women. One of my closest friends is childless by choice and a pillar of strength to me. A mother (I hope she never reads this I would be in an enormous amount of trouble) but she has helped to guide and support me and countless other women on her journey so perhaps she too has created life?

2. Women are beautiful

Yes you are! Every single one of you. Please do not let the media or your (insert appropriate name here) tell you otherwise. We were not created to be a uniform army of fashion magazine models. Those very, very beautiful women spend an enormous amount of time and energy on their appearances and it serves them well and I admire their commitment to the physical form. You spend your time and energy in other places. Honour those places, nourish them and look in the mirror and see the splendour and beauty of your human form. Remind yourself what it is that you excel at and bask in that part of you.

3. Women are emotional

Hallelujah! We feel what we’re feeling! Despite the best efforts of modern society trying to turn the human race into unfeeling robots the women will never be defeated. We feel what we’re feeling! We laugh, we cry, we explode with anger, we melt with broodiness, we sulk with annoyance. We feel what we’re feeling! As we move into a new era of FEELING even our menfolk are beginning to feel again. With the love and support of the divine feminine perhaps soon no 3 will read, humans are emotional.

4. Women are strong

Stronger than we could ever believe. Set a women in the corner and watch her rise.

5. Women are leaders

For a very, very long time I struggled to truly believe this but strong leaders like the indomitable Sheryl Sandberg and never gives up Hillary Clinton along with leaders like Angela Merkel are proving to the next generation that women are leaders not only in the home, or the community but in the WORLD. We lead countries, international monetary funds, billion dollar corporations and perhaps even the U.S of A.

We do not need a day to celebrate our greatness, we should take for granted that we are celebrated, we should raise the next generation to truly believe that they can do anything, we can do that because that is what we are doing.

Women are not like men. We are different. Biology shows us how different we are.

But life isn’t about biology, life is about embracing each individual for their unique and beautiful qualities. I’d like to see the abolition of Women’s day and I’d like to replace it with – being human is awesome day.

You, exactly as you are now are awesome. You are a beautiful, strong, brave, courageous, nurturing human being. You feel, you breathe, you are.

p.s. the image is me and my son, Jaden, taken by my husband, Heine, this past weekend. In a bathing suit. Its not often that you will see me in this state of undress because I preach – love yourself as you are – and I don’t have the typical yoga teacher physique (but that’s another post all on its own!). In celebration of what it means to be a woman – here I stand, tall and proud as the mighty oak tree.


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