Endless shades of gray


Yoga teaches us to see the shades of grey in every circumstance.

As you attend classes regularly you will notice how your teacher will demonstrate a posture, and then make suggestions of other ways to get to the end result.

Your teacher will guide you on your own path to the end result because every body in class is at a different stage of their journey and each on their own path.

The outcome may be the same or maybe it won’t but you learn that it is in the shades of gray that your life’s uniqueness becomes apparent. Those shades of gray are what make you who you are. So often you are taught that life must be black and white and that there is only one right way to achieve your goal but yoga teaches you to let go of the black and white and to embrace the gray.

As you form this intimate relationship with your body, you begin to love the shades of gray, you begin to see the beauty of your path and you begin to let go of comparisons between the grays on your path and the grays on another’s path.

I am reminded of Einstein, he said something along these lines, if a fish were judged on his ability to climb a tree he would spend his whole life believing that he was stupid.

Don’t judge yourself, love yourself!

What has yoga taught you on your path? Are you embracing the shades of gray on your path? Are you taking your lessons #offthemat and into your life?


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