Lessons from a Sandcastle

Posted by Nisey on April 7, 2016 in Blog |No Comments


Sand castles have long been the preserve of children around the world. Whilst on holiday as our little family of three built castles, volcanos and human turtles in the sand it got me thinking about the yoga of a sandcastle.

1. The wise man built his house upon a rock. The foolish man built his house upon the sand. Hmmmm, I suspect the wise man was very quickly bored whereas the foolish man was filled with creativity and kept reinventing his house with the tide!

2. It was a sort of meditation. Well, the 3 of us were certainly intent upon our task at hand, and barely noticed the crowded beach, isn’t that the epitome of meditation?

3. Each new creation fostered yet more creativity! The mountain became a castle, became a village, surrounded by a moat, with a volcano, with a tunnel to the center for cars to drive through. It was an endless source of new ideas and creativity.

4. As the tide came in so our creation began to disappear and the impermanence of the material world is realized. We hold on to our material belongings possessively! The sandcastle reminds us that everything can be lost. Don’t dwell on what was enjoy the moment.

5. Sandcastles bring you to the present moment, where moments ago there was nothing, in an instant it will be gone again.

6. Play! Adults forget to play and children are pressured to keep up and drawn to screens and led further away from nature! Get dirty, get wet and play!

7. When all else was washed away, we three remained with our memories. And so is life. Enjoy every moment, each moment is fleeting.

So next time a little person tugs at your sleeve to play in the sand, put your phone down and consider the yoga of sandcastles.


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