Things I learnt on retreat

retreat group

Greetings Beautiful Souls,

I know that as a facilitator I should be the one teaching on retreat, however, every retreat I have facilitated so far I seem to come back so much clearer and with much more knowledge than I had on arrival!

Here are a few things I learnt this past weekend

  1. Diversity opens the mind.
    This retreat saw the coming together of beautiful souls from Europe and Africa and North and South America. Each from a different culture with different ideas, each sharing, learning and growing from one another. It is an absolute privilege to be part of a diverse group of like-minded people with backgrounds ranging from herbs to accountants, from diplomats to astrologists and everything in between each bringing a unique viewpoint and way of interacting with the world.

  2. Tears are nature’s healer.
    We cried when we sang the birthday song, we cried with joy and we cried for no reason at all. Amazingly strong warrior women who had held their tears in for many years, found the safe space to release, let go and feel. Not the curled up in the corner ugly cry but the joyful, release of many years of pent up anger, fears, disappointments and beliefs. Mostly we did not cry about anything in particular, the tears released the pent up frustrations that we did not even know we carried and left us feeling light and free.

  3. We need to nurture each other more.
    It is a signature of our classes to gently cover each yogi with a blanket and tuck it under their feet before we begin our final relaxation. Its something we do after every class and mostly I don’t even notice because it’s such a habit. Several of our lovely souls commented that they loved being tucked in and felt so nurtured. Why don’t we nurture each other? Why don’t we do special small things for our partners and friends to remind  them that they are loved and appreciated? I decided that I want that to change, I want everyone I know to be aware of much I appreciate them. I want everyone to feel nurtured and loved.

  4. Stepping out of your comfort zone leads to growth.
    If you’ve read my articles before you will remember that I am not exactly body confident (see this post) well, I was catapulted out of my comfort zone and I swam naked in the river – not on my own, but with other beautiful women. Each of us allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable, exposing our hearts more than our bodies. It was, without doubt, the most wonderful lesson for me. I felt liberated and learnt that it’s ok to be uncomfortable, do it anyway. Just enjoy the moment, try something new and don’t allow your inhibitions to curtail your life.

  5. The beautiful souls on retreat are the main source of inspiration.
    I realised that no amount of planning and research could make a successful retreat without the input from the amazing souls we meet on retreat. It is their stories, their lessons and their journeys that make each retreat such a wonderful and unique experience.

  6. I love my job!
    I realised after this retreat that I am blessed beyond belief to call this my job, that I get to share and grow with amazing men and women is without doubt the best job in the world! I am filled with love and gratitude!

Every retreat is special and every soul we meet is amazing and forever etched into my heart. One beautiful soul has been on every retreat we’ve ever done and this was her last as she heads back home to the States for the next chapter in her life. Dearest Julie, there will be a space in our hearts always for you and how much you taught us with your gentle and engaging nature.

So that’s it, as preparations begin for the next retreat! If you’d like to join the next retreat, have a look here – we will be in Hoedspruit from 27-29 August, a yoga and meditation retreat in Big 5 territory with game drives, guided bush walks and so much more.


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