Watch your thoughts

Good Morning 

Beautiful Souls!
As we step into a fresh new week, filled with fresh new ideas and opportunities, commit to acting consciously.

As the Buddha says:

1. What you think you become.

Your thoughts are so powerful and set the scene for what you become in this life, think consciously. Observe your thought patterns and decide whether they serve your purpose. If your thoughts are not in alignment with your goals… CHANGE

2. What you feel, you attract.

What limiting beliefs are holding you back? Do you believe that the world is unfair? Do you believe that the world is full of possibilities? What you feel inside is what you attract. Observe what you’re feeling and believing, if it doesn’t serve you…. CHANGE

3. What you imagine, you create.

Put your phone down and do nothing for 20 minutes, let your imagination run wild! Imagine a world that fulfills your needs, desires and expectations. If you can’t imagine it, you can’t create it. 

Make the changes in your thoughts and beliefs this week that bring your dreams and reality into alignment!

Tread gently beautiful souls!


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