The space between

Posted by Nisey on May 15, 2016 in Blog |No Comments

The space between is where the magic happens.
It’s the pause between breaths, it’s the moments between postures, it’s the space between sentences and the moments of stillness between thoughts.

This is where the magic happens.

In life, the space between might be a retrenchment, where you are forced out of a job and have to creatively find a way of moving forward, in that space between jobs, you have the option of revisiting your goals, your dreams and your intentions!

If you listen to the political orators like President Obama, watch for the space between. He will say something hugely important, then pause, allow you to integrate his meaning and only then continue. Without the pause, might you have missed the magnitude of what he was saying? 

In Hatha yoga we pause between postures for the same reason, to integrate where the body has been and to feel what’s going on within you. 

In Kundalini yoga we put a massive emphasis on the suspension of the breath after a posture, we take a deep inhalation, suspend the breath and hold it for as long as we comfortably can. In this space of stillness and silence we reach ‘Shuniya’ – the space where we connect with our essence, with our soul. 

Yet, in this crazy fast paced life of the 21st century we so often miss the space between. Rushing from one activity to the next, never pausing to integrate, never pausing feel the magic. Missing so much for fear or missing something in the future.

Make space.

Pause between breaths, see the opportunity in the cancelled meeting, stop and appreciate the changing colours of the leaves as we step into winter and breathe, a long deep breath, suspend it and hold this breath as you allow yourself to connect with your soul. See the importance and beauty of the space between, find the space between and relish every moment. Don’t let society and the expectations of others distract you from the importance of the gaps of nothingness, these gaps are where your creativity exists, these gaps are where your soul longs to make itself heard, these gaps are where you truly exist. 

The magic happens in the space between.

Have a magnificent week beautiful souls. 


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