Recognising your blind spot

Posted by Nisey on May 24, 2016 in Blog |No Comments

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Beautiful Souls!

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness.

There’s no escaping yourself when you practice Kundalini! Everything is presented to you – sometimes wrapped in a bow and sometimes with you clutching desperately to your beliefs and not really wanting to see what’s in front of your eyes!

Last week whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw a familiar post. It was a friend who starts almost all of her posts with “I’m not one to complain on FB but…” I read this post and thought to myself how does she not realise that most of her posts begin like this? This is a person who is pretty aware most of the time but doesn’t notice that most of her posts begin with the same line, that actually, she loves to complain!

As I thought about her ‘blind spot’ it occurred to me that we all have a blind spot. Something that is glaringly obvious to other people but we just don’t see in ourselves. Later that day I asked my BFF if she would share my blind spot with me but sadly I have a great BFF who refuses to give me the answers I seek and forces me to get there all on my own!

It took a few more days of introspection and another Facebook post (oh the enlightenment of Facebook!) until I had my A-Ha moment. There I was, incensed by people judging the parenting skills of others, I got quite animated in my agitation about how wrong it is to judge parents because we’re all doing the best we can… and so the internal dialogue continued.

Not even a few minutes later I started judging someone I know for the amount of screen time they allow their kids and there it was…. PING! My blindspot!

I am judgemental, but more importantly, I judge people who judge because I am blind to it in myself.

What a moment! I’ve seen my blind spot which means it’s no longer blind, I am now AWARE of it. It’s neither easy nor fun seeing your weak spots, I mean, I’m a judgemental yoga teacher, it’s the opposite of what I teach. It’s the opposite of what I believe and yet here I am, judging away. This way of thinking in undoubtedly damaging to me because I don’t feel good when I judge people. It’s a dirty little secret that I don’t want anyone else to know about, not even myself, so I hide it away in my blind spot.

Awareness is the first step in healing.

For the past few days I have noticed each time I become judgemental. I watch the thought, I acknowledge it and then I let it go. In the past that thought would grow and grow and it would become all consuming. Now that I am aware it cannot run away with me. I am back in charge.

We all have blind spots, that thing we do or say unconsciously that is damaging usually to ourselves but also to those around us. So, why don’t you try and become more aware of your thoughts, actions, words or beliefs and begin to notice if they serve you or harm you.

On this journey towards awareness a good place to start with is ‘what irritates me?’

Very often that thing that drives you crazy in other people, is your own blind spot. Start bringing more awareness into your every action and slowly but surely your blind spot will reveal itself.

Once you find your blind spot, be gentle with yourself. These quirks of ours cannot be healed in a moment, they take time and loving kindness, begin with awareness and gently let go of what does not serve you.

Kundalini Yoga has brought me to this point of beautiful self examination and self awareness – without the, sometimes gentle and sometimes harsh, journey of Kundalini Yoga my relationship with myself and the world would be so different. Each time I discover a little more about myself and the world through yoga I am in awe of how truly magnificent and healing Kundalini yoga is.

It’s worth every effort to live a life of truth and integrity, find a way to discover who you are, warts and all. Maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s hiking in nature or maybe it’s swimming in the Ocean. We all have a way to begin our journey of self-discovery, find yours!

Have a magical, aware week beautiful souls!



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