Time to bloom


Seasonal living is a challenge when the leaves don’t turn golden and drop into deep piles to be explored and admired by young and old alike, when the snowdrops don’t push through the hard earth and when it’s almost always some version of hot, more hot and less hot.

Spring, is really hard to imagine when you live in a temperate all year moderate environment and the seasons barely make themselves known other than by a light sweater in the mornings and afternoons.

Trying to diarise the changes during the year instead of feeling them naturally. There are some hints though, even here in the sunny climes. That first whiff of jasmine in September always reminds me that Spring is upon us.

This year more than ever before I’ve felt the thrill of Spring, I’ve felt in my immediate environment the need to declutter, to sweep through dusty drawers and cupboards letting go of all that is no longer necessary and in my mind and body I’ve had a similar clear out. The diet is lighter and fresher and greener just like the garden, there have been shifts in thoughts and ideas and a springing to life of inspiration.

In the hope of harnessing that energy of inspiration and vitality I started #selfcareseptember to share ways of embracing this season of letting go of the old and embracing the new. Making space for the things that matter again.

As always, the teacher is the student, and in my attempt to share I’ve learnt so much about following the seasons, about taking some time for myself to look after myself, to clear out not only my mind and body but also my environment, my long-held beliefs and my prejudices.

In the process I’ve felt myself drawn to trying new things, filled with hope and optimism. Like the delicate flower pushing up through the hard earth, blossoming into the unknown.

Spring is the time when we emerge from the seed of winter. Dormant, filled with infinite possibility and faith, much like the seed we need to tend ourselves, prepare the soil, water daily and know that we too will break through and blossom.

We tend ourselves by reviewing our lifestyles, am I eating in a way that is nourishing and loving towards my body? Are my thoughts kind and considerate towards myself and others? Can I let go of any habits that are harmful to my vitality? Can I practice new habits that enhance my radiance? Gently as you would a small child, teach yourself to be kind to you. Spring is not a time for forcing, one cannot slice open the seed to steal the flower, when the time is right and seed is tended the flower blossoms.

Spring is a time of transformation and creativity, it is the time of year when we need to take time out to be still and silent and hear all that we processed in the introverted season of winter. It is the time of year when we get ready to blossom, to share with the world all that we have to offer.

Spring is the time of year when we need to allow.

Allow nature to take its course.

Allow the creative process to blossom.

Allow ourselves to be open to the possibilities.

It is our time to push through the hardened earth and blossom.

Wishing you all a beautiful, inspired, creative and transformational Spring.


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