Denise is the founder of LiveShanti and has been practicing yoga since 1999. She was introduced to yoga whilst working at a large bank in London, where classes were offered to employees. She was immediately hooked and on leaving the UK and moving back to South Africa she decided to train as a Sivananda Yoga teacher in India. She has also subsequently qualified as a Kundalini teacher.

Denise is a wife, mother and business owner who knows how challenging it can be to juggle a busy life. LiveShanti was borne out of a desire to share the tools learned from yoga with anyone and everyone who has a desire to live more peacefully in their own lives.

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LiveShanti is a lifestyle. Shanti means peace and we aim to provide you with tools  to live peacefully within yourself regardless of your circumstances. It has been said that the only thing that we have control over in our lifetime is our response.

How we respond to our circumstances determines how we live. We cannot eliminate stress factors from our lives but we can learn to manage them.

To us at LiveShanti that means teaching you different styles of yoga and meditation that can be done in the studio or on your own at home, it means teaching you the importance of your breath and how your breath can be your biggest tool in a LiveShanti lifestyle. It means bringing mindfulness to every aspect of your life.

By offering workshops we allow you to delve deeper into your practice thereby gaining more tools to make this possible. Our retreats offer you time-out to reboot mind, body and soul to allow you to be better moms and dads, friends and employees on your return. Our retreats are famed for our delicious, nourishing meals, beautiful venues and nurturing facilitation.

The LiveShanti lifestyle is a simple lifestyle that suits everyone looking to live lighter. Whether you want to de-stress your mind, cleanse your body or take a break on retreat we have something to help you LiveShanti.



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